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DJ Lyrical

Co-Founder and DJ

DJ Lyrical, a maestro of the turntables, has been captivating audiences for two decades with an unparalleled ability to seamlessly blend multiple genres. Known for his dynamic versatility and innate musical intuition, DJ Lyrical has become a staple in the national and international music scene, delivering electrifying performances that transcend boundaries and eras.

Career Highlights:

  • Residencies: Held residencies at some of the NC's most known clubs, including Farotage Lounge, Paris Lounge, Safari Lounge and Abasena.

  • Festivals: Headlined major festivals such as Caribbean Festival, Mama Africa Festival, and Glastonbury.

  • Collaborations: Worked alongside industry legends and collaborated with top artists, enriching his sets with exclusive tracks and remixes.

  • Awards: Recipient of multiple DJ awards, recognized for his innovation, technical prowess, and crowd engagement.

Musical Style:

DJ Lyrical's sets are a journey through sound, effortlessly transitioning from the deep grooves of the infectious rhythms of hip-hop and R&B to now famous Afrobeats. His deep understanding of funk, soul, and disco brings a classic touch to modern beats, while his reggae, dancehall, top 40, pop and Latin music tracks elevate the energy to euphoric heights. DJ Lyrical ensures there's something for everyone, creating a universal party atmosphere.


DJ Lyrical
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